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2007 CYCC Rules and Regulations



Players Format/Rounds Games
2 6-game match 6 6
3 Double-RR 6 4
4 Double-RR 6 6
5 RR 5 4
6 RR 5 5
7 RR 7 6
8 RR 7 7
9 Swiss 5 5
10 Swiss 7 7
11 Swiss 6 6
12+ Swiss 7 7

Sections: No sections will be amalgamated unless they contain a single player, and there is an odd number in an adjacent group.  If more than one adjacent group has an odd number, then the single player will be added by preference to the smallest, same age, elder or same gender group, in order of preference.


Swiss or Round Robin of up to 7 rounds.


No voluntary byes are allowed.

A forced bye is worth ½-point in a group with 11 players or fewer; 1 point in a group with 12 players or more.

CFC Rated Regular; 

Playoffs for sections with fewer than 7 rounds will take place earlier than the playoffs for other sections.



Time Control

Saitek Competition Pro Digital Clock (provided)

Game 90+30 seconds (Fischer increment)

With the Fischer increment, 30 seconds are added to a player's clock after each move.  Because of the increment, all moves must be recorded, even when in time trouble.



Date (2007) Morning 9:30 Afternoon 2:30
Tuesday, July 3rd Round 1 Round 2
Wednesday, July 4th Round 3 Round 4
Thursday, July 5th Round 5 Round 6
Friday, July 6th Round 7 Playoffs
Closing Ceremonies



By age as of 2007-Jan-01:

Boys U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18
Girls U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18



Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each Section.

Souvenir T-shirt for all players.

First place winners (or equivalent) in each section receive all-expense-paid entry, travel, and accommodation to the 2007 World Youth Chess Championships in Antalya, Turkey scheduled Nov 17-29.



Pieces, Boards, Clocks, & Scoresheets:  Supplied

  • The supplied equipment is not available for analysis or skittles.
  • A MonRoi device is considered a scoresheet.  All scoresheets must be left on the playing table in full view at all times during the game. 
  • Please bring your own pen.
  • All other electronic devices--including, but not limited to: cell phones, PDAs, computers, calculators, MP3 players, cameras--as well as books and magazines--are banned from the playing room, adjacent hallways, and washrooms. Players may deposit such devices with tournament directors for safekeeping. 

No Spectators, Consultation

  • No spectators will be allowed in the tournament hall. 
  • Players are prohibited from communicating with other players, parents, and coaches in the playing area, hallways adjacent to the playing site, and the washrooms. The penalty for a first offence may be as severe as loss of the game.
  • Parents, accompanying adults, coaches, and non-competitor siblings are banned from the hallways and washrooms adjacent to the playing site, except to take photos during the first five minutes of play for each round. 




Pairings will be done using the FIDE-approved program Swiss-46.  FIDE pairings are a bit

different from CFC pairings, but Swiss-46 is famous for doing them correctly.  FIDE pairings

were also better designed for small sections.  Nonetheless, the Arbiter may change the pairings produced by Swiss-46, at his discretion.


Questions during the game If you have a question during the game, you may stop the clocks (by touching the Pause button) and raise your hand. A tournament official will then come to answer the question. Please do not try to settle differences through talking to your opponent.

  • Please shake hands before the game. And after.
  • Do not speak to your opponent during the game.
  • Touch move.
  • To begin the game, Black should press the button and then White moves. The clocks do not need to be handled except to push the button after your move.
  • You may bring your own food and drinks, but please do not eat at the board.
  • No noisy foods, such as chips. 
  • When the game is over, mark the result clearly on the scoresheet, sign both scoresheets, set up the pieces again, and leave the top copy of both scoresheets in the middle of the board. A tournament official will pick them up. You must then leave the playing hall. 


These rules are subject to change. See http://cocycc.pbwiki.com/cyccRules


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