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Results Page

2007 Canadian Open and Canadian Youth Chess


2007 Canadian Open


Sorry for the delay, they turned off the Internet at 5:00 pm, while GM Yermolinsky was grinding down IM Duong in a rook ending--the last game of the tournament.  What price art?


Congratulations to GM Bu Xiangzhi, 44th Canadian Open Champion.


Final Standings after Round 10.



Official Canadian Open Blog


Pairings happen at about noon.  For the 10th round, pairings will happen about midnight.

The 10th round is at 10:00 am Sunday.


Pairings for Round 10. Standings with ratings and Round 10 paired. Alphabetical pairings.

The round starts at 10:00 am, Sunday July 15, 2007.


Closing Ceremony, 4 pm, Cartier Room

NB: As in the tournament booklet, we have implemented limited class pairings for the last round. The winners of the U2000, U1800, U1600, and unrated classes will come from games inside those classes. As a result of these class pairings, players rated under 2000 are not eligible for U2400 or U2200 prizes; players rated under 1800 are not eligible for the U2400, U2200, or U2000 prizes; and players rated under 1600 are not eligible for the U2400, U2200, U2000 and U1800 prizes.

Standings after Round 9.

To email me: Jonathan Berry jberry@islandnet.com


Pairings for Round 9. Standings with ratings and Round 9 paired. Alphabetical pairings.

The round starts at 2:00 pm, Saturday July 14, 2007.



Standings after Round 8.

Pairings for Round 8. Standings with ratings and Round 8 paired. Alphabetical pairings.

The round starts at 6:00 pm, Friday July 13, 2007.


Standings after Round 7.


A reminder that draw offers are not allowed before move 30.

Il n'est pas permis d'offrir ni accepter une nulle avant le 30e coup.

No es permitido ofrecer tablas antes de la trigesima jugada.

Нельзя согласиться на ничью перед 30-ом ходом



Pairings for Round 7. Standings with ratings and Round 7 paired. Alphabetical pairings.

The round starts at 6:00 pm, Thursday July 12, 2007.


Round 5: I've awarded three yellow cards for draw offers / acceptance.  Round 6:  For humanitarian reasons, we allowed the offer and accpetance of an early draw in one game.

If anybody has humanitarian reasons of equal merit, we would allow it again.

Standings after Round 6.



Pairings for Round 6. Standings with ratings and Round 6 paired. Alphabetical pairings. . The round starts at 6:00 pm, Wednesday July 11, 2007. Standings after Round 5.


Pairings for Round 5. Standings with ratings and Round 5 paired. Alphabetical pairings. . The round starts at 6:00 pm, Tuesday July 10, 2007. Standings after Round 4.


Pairings for Round 4. Standings with ratings and Round 4 paired. Alphabetical pairings. . The round starts at 6:00 pm, Monday July 9, 2007.


I bet that Nigel Short has never before held the clear lead of a 280-player tournament after Round 3.


Round 3 Pairings For rounds 4-8, we intend to publish the pairings, both here and physically, at about noon.


2007 CYCC Winners - Les Gagnants


2007 1st - 1ère 2nd - 2me 3rd - 3me
Gµ-8 Kelly Wang Aleksandra Milicevic Cendrina Bilodeau-Savaria
Bµ-8 Janak Awatramani Yinshi Li John Doknjas
Gµ10 Rebecca Giblon Joanne Foote Lin Fei Kang
Bµ10 Christopher Knox Zhaoyang Luo Richard Wang
Gµ12 Myriam Roy Alexandra Botez Erika Ruiter
Bµ12 Nikita Kraiouchkine Joey Qin Nikita Gusev
Gµ14 Liza (Yelizaveta) Orlova Dalia Kagramanov Catherine Frenette
Bµ14 Arthur Calugar Lloyd Mai Louie Jiang
Gµ16 Sonja Xiong Jasmine Du Chelsea Ruiter
Bµ16 Haonan Zhou Eric Hansen Aman Hambleton
Gµ18 Gabrielle Nadeau Amelia Mandamin  
Bµ18 Ling-Feng Ye Bindi Cheng Derek Jia



2007 Canadian Open 


Round 2 Pairings posted 9:08 am electronically (9:00 am physically), for the 10 am round.

For the third round Sunday afternoon, there is no chance that the pairings will be published before the round.  For rounds 4-8, we intend to publish the pairings, both here and physically, at about noon.  Please remember that these pairings are made by hand.


Round 1 Standings

Pairings  Round 1 Pairings. There were 134 boards, plus one extra forfeit and nine people who took half-point byes, so about 278 players.  The round started at 3 pm, an hour late, thanks to me!


All the foreign stars made it through the gauntlet of Canadian Immigration.  The highest-ranked no-show was # 34.






CYCC - Ottawa 2007 - CJC



CYCC Results (and pairings when posted) u-8 u-10 u-12 u-14 u-16 u-18
Boys - Garcons Bu-8 Bu-10 Bu-12 Bu-14 Bu-16 Bu-18
Girls - Filles Gu-8 Gu-10 Gu-12 Gu-14 Gu-16 Gu-18

Playoff results


At 5:53 pm:  all finished!


u8B Janak 1st, Yinshi 2nd

u8G Cendrina 3rd

u10G Rebecca 1st, Joanne 2nd, Lin Fei 3rd

u10B Richard 3rd

u12B Nikita Gusev 3rd.

u12G Myriam 1st, Alexandra 2nd

u14G Dalia 2nd, Catherine Frenette 3rd

u14B Lloyd 2nd, Louie 3rd

u16B Eric 2nd, Aman 3rd

u16G Sonja wins, Jasmine places second, Chelsea third.

u18B no playoffs

u18G no playoffs





For those playoffs beginning at 2:30 pm:

Recording the moves will NOT be required.

There will be a 5-second increment with each move.  No claims under FIDE rule 10.2.

For playoffs involving 2 players, there will be 2 games (one white, one black)

with 30 minutes each player for the game.

For playoffs involving 3 players, there will be a round-robin (if necessary) with 20 minutes each player for the game.


If further playoffs are necessary, they will be at a faster time control.

We plan to have all playoffs finished by 6:00 pm so that the winners can go to

the reception at the Residence of the Ambassador of Turkey.


Brises d'egalite

On n'est pas oblige a ecrire les coups.

Un increment de 5 seconds par coup sera ajoute.  Le regle 10.2 de la FIDE ne s'applique pas.

S'il y a deux joueurs, un match de 2 parties, dans chaque partie 30 minutes pour tous

les coups.

S'il y a trois joueurs, un round-robin (si necessaire); dans chaque partie 20 minutes pour

tous les coups.

Nous esperons terminer les brises par 18h00 a fin de que les gagnants de chaque section

et leurs parents peuvent assistir a la reception a la Residence de l'Ambassadeur de la








July 5th.  The girls' under 14 tournament is over.  Dalia Kagramanov and Catherine Frenette

will have a 2-game playoff for 2nd and 3rd places at the same time other sections are playing their 6th and 7th rounds.


There were questions about the pairings in the boys' under-14, round 5.  Frankly, the pairing looked funny to me (accustomed to North American pairings), too.  But let me explain. Because there is no program which will do North American pairings perfectly, I have used a program which in over 10 years of use is renowned to do FIDE (World Chess Federation) pairings perfectly.  FIDE pairings are very complex for the user to understand.  They are written for computers (or computer programmers).  But in this particular case, I do know why the #1 player with 4 did not play the #2 player with 3 points.  It is because in round 3, the #2 player with 1.5 points met a player with 2 points.  In FIDE language, that is an "upfloat".  The FIDE system, with some limits, likes to minimize or equalize floats.  It does not like for one player to be floated in the same direction multiple times.  As for the other pairings, give me some time to work that out, and please cancel the next tournament, too.  This upfloat factor also explains the funny pairing in Round 3 of the Boys Under-18.


In brief, the pairings are all done by SWISS-46.  The only input I have is to determine who

gets a half-point bye, if any.  Otherwise, these are perfect FIDE pairings.


How many participants?


U- 8 10 12 14 16 18 Tot
Boys - Garçons 14 34 36 32 20 11 147
Girls - Filles 8 11 8 9 4 2 42
Total 22 45 44 41 24 13 189


July 4

Good news!  Starting today, parents and siblings are encouraged to use the Canada Room (on the same level as the Ballroom).  So it is no longer necessary to use the cramped Burgundy Room upstairs.



 July 3rd.

FQE and (CMA + 150) ratings used for pairing, if no CFC.

Standings after round 2.  Pairings will be posted at 9:00 am

Illness or withdrawal, email me by 8:30

jberry@islandnet.com     << Mon courriel   Thanks, Merci!




July 2nd


Northern Ontario updated.  There are about 14 CMA players and 2 FQE players without

CFC ratings.  I will assign them a rating for pairing purposes after entries are closed.  Still

184 entries.


July 1st



Ratings have been updated to reflect the June 27th CFC list TDLIST from the CFC website.  However, any changes made after that date (June 29th, for example) are not shown and

may have to be added by hand.


June 30th

Deployment of round-robin sections, ready for drawing of lots before the 1st round.

Deployment of Swiss System sections.

The table could be used by participants to verify their identification:

Name, rating, CFC number, section (!)


Based today's data, with 184 total entries.


If any of the RR sections grow to more than 8 players, the

software will automatically convert them to Swiss.




This page is: http://cocycc.pbwiki.com/results

Rules and regulations, see

CYCC: http://cocycc.pbwiki.com/cyccRules

Canadian Open: http://cocycc.pbwiki.com/CORules

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